Being humbled by the immense beauty around us, I believe we as artists possess but a small fraction of the creative vision of our creator.  In my work, I hope to evoke a feeling of mystery, wonder and awe as I discover and appreciate each unique aspect of the world around us.  It brings me joy to capture the essence of nature, and I aspire to share with others the peace and hope that is awakened within us as we appreciate its splendor.


Artist Bio:

Sandra Ferkel was born in St. Louis, Missouri and attended Washington University where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography.  She took her passion into the commercial photography world where she began shooting for Venture Department Stores.  At that time, she was shooting product with large format view cameras and fashion with medium format film cameras.  Within a year, Sandra accepted a position as photography director at Dillard’s Department Store where she traveled regularly directing fashion shoots in both St. Louis and Chicago.  Being blessed with a family during this time, Sandra took steps to slow down her travels and focus more on being available to her children.  One of the photographers that she used to hire turned around and created a position for her at his studio.  It was during this time that digital cameras increased in their quality and Sandra found herself documenting every precious moment of her children’s lives.  As a result of friends requesting her photography, she decided to start her own business, Images by Sandra, and pursued capturing the celebrations and joy around her.  Sandra naturally developed a lifestyle approach to her photography due to her love for spontaneous delight and light-hearted energy.  She captures this slice-of-life with an editorial approach all the while with a seasoned advertising eye for detail.