Please enjoy the following unsolicited comments from several of my clients:

18.3.14 CTL.Sarasota.Armour-14

"Sandy, I could not have been more pleased with the quality of the services you rendered throughout the multiple concerts and appearances you photographed. In my twenty-five years of touring, I have worked with many photographers around the world. You stand far and above the rest and not just for your professionalism and the outstanding quality of your work, but perhaps even more importantly, for the professional discretion you showed in the sensitive venues I brought you into. I was also very impressed with your ability to capture the right moments with your camera. You have an innate ability to understand your client's needs and exceed them.”

Christian Thomas Lee, Collector of Fine Art

"I agree with Sarah, these pictures are amazing!  Great, great job!  Ethan and Jessie make a beautiful couple and how you captured the sunset was wonderful.  Sandy, we couldn't have asked for a better photographer to work with, thank you again!"

Karen Morton, Herman Hill Wedding Coordinator


"Ethan and I love these Sandra!!!  You did a fantastic job, and it was so much fun!!" 

Jess White, Bride

"Sandra makes it look easy (and I say from experience, as one who tries with hit-and-miss success, it is NOT), capturing the personalities of her subjects, whether it's graduating senior, a newly engaged couple, a kindergartener, or a toddler...And let me add, she is just as skilled at her computer as she is behind her camera, and I cannot stress how important this is.  The large studios with their crank-it-out auto filters, or those photographers who mean well, but don't know when to hold back on the retouching...Sandy uses Photoshop with discipline in a way that respects her subject.  Trust me, I have an eye for this kind of stuff.  And it's never too early (or too late) to begin thinking about your child's senior year..."

Mike Caito, Art Director

"Thank you for all your hard work on the photo shoot Thursday and Friday.  After meeting you and watching you set up, I can certainly see why John, Alayna and Darin spoke so highly of you...Alayna said that you were both working late and I appreciate all the time you put into making these products look amazing!"

Brian Collier, Marketing Manager, Cosmos Corporation


"Thanks for the link, we enjoyed working with you again...I'm already looking forward to our next shoot, and maybe getting to set up in the cool new expansion next time."

John Williams, Creative Manager, Cosmos Corporation

"Amazing! These pictures captured the love the two of you have for one another.  So beautiful!  This one, to me, looked like it could be on the cover of a Romance Novel.  WOW!"

Rob Barrett, Father of the Groom


"You are absolutely the best of the best.  These are exquisite!"

Linda Glenn


"Once again, an amazing job!  These pictures are so beautiful!"

Stacey Meers

"Let me just start out by saying - none of these pictures would be possible without the brilliant eye and UH-mazing skills of Sandra Ferkel.  If I were a celebrity, I would have her on permanent retainer as a family photographer to capture all of thee milestone moments.  Thanks soooo much, Sandy...Awww, shucks...thanks ladies.  Sandra Ferkel captured a priceless moment for which I am forever grateful.  :)"

Heather Williams

"We had the most AWESOME BEST EVER Photographer!!!  I mean it.  I just love looking at any image you capture.  It's truly amazing.  You have a wonderful gift and talent.  Thank you so much for making us ALL look so good..."

Mary Clare Main

17.10.8 Maggie Figler-246-Edit

"Oh my!!!  These are sooo amazing!  You are a Picasso! I am so torn; every picture is so amazin!...I can't wait to start ordering!!! The Lord has truly blessed you with a talent.  Thank you for sharing it with my family.  :)"

Gina Figler