Please enjoy the following comments from a few of my clients:

"You're the absolute best, Sandy. Talk about grace under pressure! And the pictures are beyond amazing! We can't thank you enough!"

Cathy Downen


"Perfect...that was fast! I guess the ball’s in my court now.  Thanks for being so quick on the editing end. I’ll talk with you soon regarding the owner's and director's pictures as well."

Dana Thornhill                                

Excel Sports & Physical Therapy, running therapy brochure

12.10.16 Natalie Stiegemeier-224-Edit12.10.16 Natalie Stiegemeier-224-Edit

"Beautiful, awesome, lovely!  Thank you!  Love it, love it, love it!"

Deanna Stiegemeier

senior portrait

12.10 20 Austin Williams-166-Edit12.10 20 Austin Williams-166-Edit

(While posting pictures on Facebook) "Let me just start out by saying - none of these pictures would be possible without the brilliant eye and UH-mazing skills of Sandy Ferkel.  If I were a celebrity, I would have her on permanent retainer as a family photographer to capture all of these milestone moments. Austin was so comfortable working with Sandy. He let his inner politician out!!! Thanks soooo much, Sandy. You captured priceless moments for which I am forever grateful."  

Heather Williams

senior portraits ~ family portraits ~ events

"Sandy, I could not have been more pleased with the quality of the services you rendered throughout the multiple concerts and appearances you photographed. In my twenty-five years of touring, I have worked with many photographers around the world. You stand far and above the rest and not just for your professionalism and the outstanding quality of your work, but perhaps even more importantly, for the professional discretion you showed in the sensitive venues I brought you into. I was also very impressed with your ability to capture the right moments with your camera. You have an innate ability to understand your client's needs and exceed them."

Christian Thomas Lee

Concert Classical Guitarist
The Mercy Foundation

"The wedding pictures turned out gorgeous! The wedding album is the perfect synopsis of our day, it makes us smile and reminisce each time we look through it.  Thank you again for all your hard work and creativity!"

Amanda Kroll


13.2.16 Rachel's Bday-206-Edit13.2.16 Rachel's Bday-206-Edit

"These look great, Sandy! As always, I’m amazed at how pretty these portraits turned out!  You do such great work!  Thanks, again, for trying all these different options.  You’re so awesome to work with!"

Terry Reichert

photo shoot ~ birthday party

13.10.10 Michael Vester-121-Edit13.10.10 Michael Vester-121-Edit


"The photos are amazing! Oh my goodness, this is going to be difficult. Thank you so much for your time and hard work. We will appreciate your efforts for countless years with these great memories."

Tracy Vester

senior portrait