Senior Portaits

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"My phone is blowing up with everyone saying how much they love them. I’ve told ALL our friends how terrific you were! …. 


Christina Reilly

"We have trusted Sandra's photography with the most precious moments in all four of our children’s lives.  

Her artistry on film is only outdone by her professionalism and creativity.  She is a family tradition."

Connie Tan

"Oh my!!! These are sooo amazing! Ben looks so handsome. He hates getting his picture taken, you would never be able to tell that from EVERY picture. You are a Picasso…

The Lord has truly blessed you with a talent. Thanks for sharing it with my family."

Gina Figler

"Sandra is very energetic, creative and has a great eye for backgrounds and poses. My daughter felt like a model and her pictures reflect that! She took tons of pictures and I am truly just so pleased at just how wonderful they turned out... I am sure I will be using Sandra again in the future and will be enthusiastically recommending her to friends and family!!"

Karen Mikitin