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A Glimpse into my History

When studying to become an architect, I took an elective class, Photo 101. I was hooked. Who wouldn't love going on shoots with your friends and hanging out in the darkroom for hours on end?

Washington University

Fresh out of college you could find me working in the Point-of-Sale Photography Studio at Venture, shooting retail fashion and product for in-store signage and packaging. Yep, that's 8x10, 4x5, 2.25 and 35mm transparency.


Oh the styles back then. As the photography director for Dillard's in the '80s and '90s, I was living the fast paced life of retail, traveling all over Saint Louis and Chicago directing fashion and product photoshoots.


Along came our first baby and the glamorous life of traveling lost its shine. One of my photographer friends that I used to hire for Dillard's turned around and hired me.


Sales rep/ producer/ manager/ studio coordinator/ digital tech/ photographer - Yeah, I wore a lot of hats. In this studio we lived through the transition from film to digital. So many changes!

Dreyfus + Associates Photography

Friends started asking me to photograph their seniors, families, and weddings, and Images by Sandra was born. I treasured that I could work from home, create my own schedule, and carpool my kiddos, all while doing what I loved.

Images by Sandra

I’m trained to capture dynamic light, and when it’s not available naturally, to create it. Producing a shoot and bringing all the elements together - models, stylists, backgrounds, and props - is second nature me. Let's collaborate.

Seasoned Pro


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Authenticity: the real me

My passion is to capture joy, bringing more hope and love into our lives. I’m humbled that my creator has blessed me with a small fraction of his immense creativity and has allowed me to bring that blessing to others. I'm also thankful beyond words for the opportunity to have a loving, passionate, and playful family who honor our Lord. They are my constant models, because like I said, I want to remember each and every precious moment that we get to share in this life together. As everyone knows, life is short, and we are here for but a fleeting time.

Let all that you do be done
in love

1 Corinthians 16:14